What is a Registry Premium Domain name?

This article will explain what a Registry Premium Domain name is and how you can identify one.

What is a Registry Premium Domain Name?

These are new domains that haven’t been registered yet and have been given a Premium status by the registry due to their potentially high value.

Unlike Premium Domains, which have a one-time premium fee, Registry Premium Domains have a higher fee attached to them throughout their entire lifecycle, including their registration, renewal and transfer price.

How soon will I get a Registry Premium Domain when I order?

Once you’ve completed the purchase of a Registry Premium domain, it will be provisioned into your account straight away.

How can I tell the difference between a Premium Domain and a Registry Premium Domain?

It can be difficult to discern between the two types as both types are marked with a star icon on our search results. That said, Registry Premium Domains tend to be more expensive.

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